Trinidad & Tobago time: July 13, 2024 12:49 am

Contractor Pre-qualification Screener

  1. Does your Company have an established and functioning Safety Policy?
  2. Does your Company have a Safety Incident Investigation Procedure?
  3. Does your Company's manuals and procedures include systems to address the following issues:
    1. Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    2. Substance Abuse
    3. Hazardous Communications
    4. Equipment Mechanical Integrity
    5. Incident/Accident Management
    6. Hazard Control (e.g. Job Safety Analysis, Inspections, Audits)
    7. Safe Work Practices
    8. Record Keeping/Document Control
    9. Training Programmes
    10. Sub-contractors Qualification Programmes
    11. Emergency Response Plan
  4. Does your Company have and strictly enforce a drug and alcohol prevention policy?
  5. Is your Company willing to have their personnel undergo drug testing before being allowed to carry out works at PPGPL and permanently exclude those personnel who fail such testing?
  6. Is your Company willing to submit a letter of reference from your main bankers and May PPGPL contact them?
  7. Is your Company willing to submit copies of three (3) years audited accounts or accountant reports for both your self as well as your parent Company (if any)?
  8. Does your company have or is willing to acquire the following insurances?
    • Workmen’s Compensation insurance as prescribed by the laws of the state(s), territory / territories or province(s) having jurisdiction over Contractor and its employees and Employer’s Liability insurance with a minimum limit liability of TT$2,500,000.00 (or US$ equivalent) for each occurrence.
    • Primary Comprehensive General Liability Insurance protective liability, completed operations, and contractual liability coverage with a combined single limited of liability of TT$2,500,000 (or US$ equivalent) per occurrence for bodily injury or property damage.

    Applicable only to local based contractors using vehicles on PPGPL’s compound

    • Third Party Automobile Insurance Liability (covering the use of all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles, with a combined single limit of TT$1,000,000 (or US$ equivalent) per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage).
  9. PPGPL’s approval must be granted to the primary contractor before the use of any subcontracted labour and equipment. The Contractor will be required to provide evidence to PPGPL that the subcontractor:
    1. Has insurances which comply with PPGPL’s specified requirements;
    2. Contractor itself has made the appropriate insurance arrangements to cover the Subcontractor

    Do you agree?

  10. The contractor/supplier shall defend, protect, indemnify and save free and harmless PPGPL all the lands and property belonging to either of them from and against all liens or claims filed or threatened or made on account of the work done, services performed or materials furnished by the contractor/supplier its vendors and/or subcontractors of any tier.

    Do you agree?

If your Company cannot or is unwilling to meet the mandatory requirements you will not be allowed to proceed to PPGPL’s complete online pre-qualification form.